Multibot is a automated trading platform in cloud.

Multibot works on Poloniex, Bitfinex, Bittrex, Kraken and Wex (

Platform is absolutely free for everyone. But free accounts have limit (4 running tasks).

Trading bot

In beta version is available two strategies. They are like step gain strategy. The first strategy buys currency at low price and after sell it. The second strategy sells currency at high price first and buys it again at low price.

The bot places buy/sell orders with set step, after that it is waiting for when one of them will be completed. After it will calculate average price for all completed orders including exchange fee and set percentage of profit. And it will place order at this price for fixing profit

You can make 20 tasks, but launch only 4 tasks on one account. More limits will be available in the subscription.

We recommend using minimum $50 (or equivalent in crypto) for each task.

Some exchanges like Bitfinex have a large minimal amount in order on markets. If the bot can't start trading and you got an error, you should check the log on this error first.

Cryptocurrency trading is a high-risk trading but you can make a high profit. To protect your capital and minimize risks you should follow our recommendations.

Yes, you can. But there is two important rules.
1. You should set option "How to use balance" in currency for each task.
2. Markets mustn't cross in a target balance.

For example, LTC/USD and BTC/LTC using are wrong, BTC/USD and BTC/ETH too. But BTC/USD and LTC/USD it is ok

Choosing a strategy, exchange and market is easy to understand and we think we don't need to describe them.

The "How to use balance" option says to the bot what part of balance it can use. The first field is for an amount in percentage, the next field is for an amount in currency. If the second field is filled, the first field is ignored.

The "Start at" option is used for calculating the price that will be used for placing the first order. The bot takes the current price, calculates offsets by this percentage and starts placing the orders.

The "Stop at" option is used for calculating a price that will be used for placing last order. All other orders will be between these offsets.

The "Orders count" option says to the bot how many orders are placed between the first offset and the last one.

The "Martingale" option helps to minimize risks. If this option is zero, all amount of orders will be same.

The "Fixing strategy" is fixing profit strategies. The bot can use two strategies to fix profit. Then you choose to use the first "Immediate" strategy, the bot will place an order for fixing profit immediately at the calculated price of closed orders with exchange fee and profit percentage. If you choose the second strategy, the bot will calculate a price for profit fixing and will wait until the price starts rising. If a price has become more than the calculated price, the bot starts waiting for when the price starts falling. The bot will place an order for fixing profit in this situation. But first it will check if the price is more than the calculated price of closed orders. If not, it will continue waiting.

The "Interest" option is been using for calculating the price for fix profit


We take market prices from bitfinex, bittrex, kraken, poloniex and wex by API every minute.

Yes, we keep historical data from Sep, 2017.

We are going to add API in the near future.